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Here is what Kim Hamilton, President of the SoNo West Condominium Association (2012-2013) and member of the executive board since SoNo left developer control— well until she moved out in June 2014,  had to say:

“We hired William and his team at FiberXL to set up, install, and manage our proprietary internet system in 2011. It was hands down the best investment our Association has made. The FiberXL team enables a residential building to get something almost no residential building can get: commercial grade internet. No more service issues. Nothing but happy unit owners and uninterrupted internet service.

Unit owners who work from home, use Skype, video conferencing, download movies, music and more enjoy the fastest internet upload and download speeds (sometimes as high as: 98Mbit/s/90Mbit/s) available to a residential high rise in the city. Unit owners state that this is “huge benefit of living as SoNo”.

All Management companies should bring what FiberXL has to offer to their Boards and unit owners as an added value proposition. Some may consider FiberXL to be an automatically unfeasible choice as a small company, but this is precisely why they shine. Enormous cost savings, excellent service and some of the smartest professionals around when it comes to Internet infrastructure.”

 Another board member at SoNo wrote this:


While another SoNo resident said:


And finally the manager of that building commented:


One of the Adler Place residents said:

“FiberXL provides extremely fast internet with excellent uptime. I have never lived in a place with faster internet, typically 3-4 times faster download speed than what my company’s Comcast service provides. The upload speed is equally as fast but often faster. At any point when there has been an issue, FiberXL is always very proactive in resolving the matter in a timely manner. I recommend their services highly.”

Kevin Greene

While another said:

We really enjoy the consistently fast download and upload speed.  We watch a lot of HD movies online.  The commercial bandwidth delivers extremely high speed and provides us with high quality of online video streaming.  FiberXL’s services and on-site maintenance are also outstanding.  They’re very responsive and provide solutions quickly.  I hear a lot compliments about our current internet services from my neighbors.  We all are happy that our building board made the right choice with FiberXL.  We’re getting the quality and services of commercial bandwidth at a fraction of the commercial bandwidth costs.  You can’t beat that!

Vivian Shi

If you’d care to add your own story, do feel free….. (see below)

(The comment from Julianne Jackson, by the way, is informative…Julianne is the property manager at 1629 S. Prairie Ave.)

7 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Ciprian

    Converted a non-believer!

    I moved in the Adler building in the summer of 2012, when the building had a different internet vendor; when I moved in I asked around and have been told that the Internet was actually a serious problem in the building, so I signed up for the Blast contract with Xfinity, thus getting a reliable and strong connection, though very pricey, thah on top of paying for the connection offered by the HOA. For the past year however, ever since we contracted Fiber XL I kept on hearing people making flattery comments about the service as well the quality of the connection. So, I tired it out as well in parallel with my Xfinity connection. To my surprise I found that I was getting comparable speeds, while sometimes even better, and for no direct cost to me, as it was included tin the HOA fees already. not only that I ended up saving a pretty significant amount every month by discontinuing the external service, but I also got myself the best service I have ever had in this industry, not only prompt, but also incredibly competent and available around the clock. All in all, I am very happy I made the move and … I hope I will never grow to regret it.

    Thank you XLFiber!


  2. Olivier

    My wife and I are working from home and we needed a fast and very reliable internet connexion for our phones (ooma – voip), email, internal chat services, smart cloud operations, etc. We switched to XLFiber from Xfinity/Comcast and could not be more satisfied (I guess anybody leaving Comcast for a professional solution would be happy). I highly recommend William and his team. Small companies bring flexibility and much better support.

  3. Marva Adams

    My appreciation is extended to Mr. William Murray for his technological expertise. Thanks to him brilliantly solving my problem with Open Office, my spell check works fine. For all my internet, tablet WiFi and other technological needs, email XL is my answer.

  4. Daureen

    Bill – aka the Internet Hog – rocks!!!
    Bill is talented and smart and provides excellent service (set up and troubleshooting) to the internet in my condo. He responds immediately to a problem and quickly corrects the issue(s).
    I am extremely satisfied with FiberXL and the great customer care offered. And I would highly recommend The Hog and his business!!

  5. Kurt Espo

    William Murray is the man, promt service the 3 times I called he even did a mddle of the night call, I envy his knowledge. I will definitely refer his services

  6. Julianne Jackson

    FiberXL is very helpful when new residents move in and when people have questions or problems with WiFi, etc. It makes my job easier because all I have to do is refer them by phone or e-mail to Dr. Murray and he handles it from there!

  7. Michelle Murtaugh

    I just moved into SoNo West and was completely daunted that I had to figure out how to get internet service hooked up. So I made the call… and Dr. Murray explained exactly what to do SIMPLY. I am NOT a tech expert whatsoever, but after a 5-min phone call, I knew exactly what to do. I had to order a router from Amazon.com, and he told me exactly what to search for. Two days later after it arrived, I called him back, and he walked me through the process of connecting both my phone and my laptop to the internet in about 20 minutes. It worked beautifully! I am so grateful for Dr. Murray’s friendly expertise. Thank you so much!
    Additionally, he has made it clear that he is here to help, and made sure I had his phone number and email in case any problems ever arose. I’m really appreciative of his time and energy and effort on my behalf!


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